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Adding more nodes to the cluster (for development)

Checking the cluster's health

GET /_cluster/health

Checking the shard distribution

GET /_cat/shards?v

Generating an enrollment token

When adding a new node to an existing Elasticsearch cluster, we first need to generate an enrollment token.

# macOS & Linux
bin/elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token --scope node

# Windows
bin\elasticsearch-create-enrollment-token.bat -s node

Adding a new node to the cluster

To add a new node to an existing cluster, run the following command. Remember to have the working directory set to the new node's $ES_HOME directory (use the cd command for this).

# macOS & Linux
bin/elasticsearch --enrollment-token [INSERT_ENROLLMENT_TOKEN_HERE]

# Windows
bin\elasticsearch.bat --enrollment-token [INSERT_ENROLLMENT_TOKEN_HERE]

Once the node has been added, starting up the node again in the future is as simple as running bin/elasticsearch (macOS & Linux) or bin\elasticsearch.bat (Windows).